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If you have done the full stage 2 mod you will now have a very different camera to the original vesta. Possible exposure times will have gone up by a factor of 10000 resulting in a similar increase in sensitivity. It will be well worth you time to consider the practical aspects of housing the camera. Try using black paint or insulation tape around the ccd to minimise internal reflections (this will be especially important if you are using a focal reducer).

If you haven't already removed the led from the camera then now is definitely the time; also why not get rid of the mic.

Cooling is going to be critical for this camera. The best solution would be to remove the ccd and mount on a peltier cooler inside an air tight chamber behind a good quality optical window. However I have found the camera to work well at 4'C. This kind of temperatures are very easily achieved on English winter nights. Adding a fan to the camera will vastly improve its performance as will taking the circuit boards and mounting in a project box. A schematic of my camera is below.

The m42 macro adaptors are available for next to nothing from second hand photographic shops. Using this thread type will give access to a huge selection of cheap quality lenses from the same shops. Also as the vesta has a very small chip the field of view will be very small unless a focal reducer is used. By fixing a binocular objective to another m42 ring a good reducer can be made for the camera.



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