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Ok so you finished the mod and are about to get the tee-shirt when you find the camera is not working.

First thing is not to panic! The PCB tolerates abuse quite well and the chances are no permanent damage has been done. Have a look at the steps below to locate the source of the problem.

Has a leg fallen off the 16510?

If this is the case and its pin 10 then you can just ignore adding the shutter control switch with little chance of any ill effects. Alternatively you can try chipping away a little of the case of the 16510 above the broken leg and soldering a wire to the newly exposed piece of metal

Other problems.

Try removing the logic control board from wires a and c. Next join wires a and c together. Now use the standard vesta software. If the camera out puts is black then the soldering of wires a and c to the camera is at fault. If you get a normal picture go into the camera control dialog and uncheck auto and move the exposure slider from one side to the other. When the shutter is disabled the image will not darken. If you are getting weird swirling images check the lead to pin10 (and that you haven't inhaled too much solder fumes). If all this checks out its time to take a closer look at the logic control side.

Best of luck



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