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During the late 80's and early 90's I have been lucky enough to play with a number of bands, all of whom had names too silly to mention.  Since we stopped performing the people of our city, and indeed the world, are no longer able to hear such classics as "You never can tell".  That is until now.  Below are links to .RM files, in a modem friendly format, of our favorite songs.  Click on one a have a listen, or click on each one in turn for a virtual concert.

You Never Can Tell.   One of my favs this.  Recorded by Gerry and myself on a 4 track in an afternoon. Top lyric "I thought I'd save myself the train fare I never knew it could rain so hard". nb RM includes bonus track !


Paranoid.  The very first thing we played as a group. Has the advantage that only 3 chords are needed ( all of which were played open, I still find myself  mouthing C C E D  to it ). The only time the police were called to stop us playing was while we were praticing this. Top lyric " Are you for my brain".

Bet You Feel Safer Now. Shortly after writing the lyric for this Gerry left his job in re-insurance to become a trainee nurse.  Top lyric 'Playing games for the privilege few'.

Bo's on acid.  I had written the music for this track over a very mellow weekend and gave a tape to Gerry to come up with some words.  Result, some where between acid jazz and rainbow ( the TV prog). Top lyric 'some of us don't know what we're fighting for'.  Recording features Richard Harding on drums, Nick Pointer Bass, Nigel Daniels lead guitar, me Steve Chambers other guitar, and  Gerry Bowdren vocals.  All very strange.

Stitch in Time. And if you thought the last one strange... My first go a writing lyrics is sandwiched between samples taken from Apocalypse Now, Watch with Mother, and The Evil Dead. In my desire not to overemphasize the words they are not easy to make out in the final mix.  The middle take off of Jimmy Page's guitar and violin bow playing was performed using a bent coat hanger strung with cotton. This soon fell to pieces just like Jimmy's. Top lyric "but we who slept and would not see, the lies we wield to confuse ourselves".

You Know.  This song's words are considerably simpler, in fact there are only two main ones, "You" and "Know". I am not sure who we were thinking of or what they apparently knew , still... The whole thing is pretty much played on a Roland D10 sequencer setup except the harmonica and acoustic guitar. Top lyric "You Know".



Girl going to America.  If you have made it through all the previous songs you deserve something special. And here it is. Written and recorded by myself.  You may be able to hear the effect of a new Wa Wa peddle I had just bought. Top lyric "Trading the miles for smiles in a country , oh so free".


Those involved were.

Gerry Bowdren        Vocals
Chris Goodrum        Vocals
Nigel Daniels           Guitar
Richard Jones            Drums
Craig Jones                Guitar + Drums
Richard Harding        Drums
Nick Pointer            Bass
Adie                          Guitar
Tim                            Bass
Steve Chambers        Guitars + synth




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Copyright 2006 Steve Chambers. All Rights

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