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sxv guider intro

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I started by using a starlight MX5 camera to guide the SXV camera, however the promise of an all USB system and the possibility of guiding though the telescopes guider connection tempted me into buying a SXV guider.




It had been well reported that the first SXV guide cameras did not have particularly good sensitivity.  For a page highlighting these issues see

 However starlight has changed to using ICX405 CCD's in their latest guiders to enhance sensitivity.

From the data sheet these CCD's are very nice devices.

So anyway,  I bought the new guider, plugged it into my guide scope and focused an a bright star.  Then I entered a series of M objects around Leo into ACP and asked for pictures of all.  In every case the imaging failed as Maxim could not find a star to guide on.  The problem was the camera was just not sensitive enough.

The problem did not seem to be the CCD as the recent Sony devices have a good reputation.  Other possibles were readout and thermal noise.

As the guide camera was not going to be much use in an automated ACP type set up I was either going to have to ask for a refund to try to improve things.....

The next couple of pages describe adding a cooler to the SXV guider and what happens when this is done!





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See the full range of Atik cooled CCD cameras for astronomy on the Atik Website


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