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To control a modified webcam there is currently 10 very different options.

Cap4Astro - Uses the directX interface.  Innovative and under development.  Keep your eye on this one!

IRIS - An incomprehensibly comprehensive program unsurprising supports the modified cameras.

Astrovideo - Handles modified and standard webcams. Commercial program based around 32 bit fit files. Now has scripting. 21 day trial version available.

Astrosnap - Handles modified and standard webcams. Lots of features. Free.

Qfocus - One of my favorite programs for capturing planetary images to avi's now supports the modified webcams. Free

K3ccd Tools - Relatively new image acquisition and processing package with lots of features. Free

Charles Allison Has some software to control both modified webcams and video cameras. Free.

Qastrocam  If you wish to use a modified webcam with a Linux computer then you have only one option.  Fortunately Qastrocam  is very good with lots of features.  The program and website are French but Qastrocam includes English menus.

Astroart. Probably the best CCD imaging program; now supports the modified webcams. Works with all versions of windows. Demo and full version.

And of course there is Desire - A hopefully simple image acquisition program which also supports auto-guiding and self-guiding.

Nb Desire saves images in BMP format. To convert to fit format use avi2bmp. It should work with all versions of windows 95-xp including 2000.

Nb2 If you have a previous version of Desire please uninstall it before installing the new version.

Nb3 The installer has a problem with windows me.  If you would like to use this program with win-me then use winzip to open the CAB file and copy the contents to the right directories (info in setup.1st).

Download it here.

Desire v4.0 2.8Mb

The program is free for personal use but please do not distribute it.

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See the full range of Atik cooled CCD cameras for astronomy on the Atik Website


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