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Any CCD based web cam which uses the NEC 16510 vertical driver chip or similar (I believe Samsung, Hatachi and Sony have similar devices) should be able to be modified in this way. This site contains an example modification of a vesta (675) however check the sites below for more information.

Modified by
ToUCam Pro II Phil Davis
Vesta Erik Bryssinck
Vesta David Molyneaux
Philips PCA645VC Colin F Bownes
Vesta 675 Peter Katreniak
ToUCam Pro Ashley Roeckelein
Intel Create & Share Camera Pack Turker Ecevit
Vesta Pro 680 Sylvain Weiller
Vesta Pro 680 Robert White
Vesta Pro 680 Polo
Vesta Pro 680 Thierry Lambert
Vesta Vincent Steinmetz
QC Pro 3000 Martin Burri
ToUcam Oliver Romer
QC Pro 3000 Keith Wiley
ToUcam Alfonso Pulido
QC VC Robert Piggott
ToUcam Frédéric Brame
Vesta Yann Duchemin
ToUcam Michael Albu
ToUcam Carlos Oliveira
ToUcam Darrell Holloway
Vesta Len Benschop
Vesta Ian Lainchbury
ToUCam Phil White
VCam CU-98a Howard Cripe
Vesta 675 Keith Wiley
Creative EX Pro Jon Grove
Creative Ex Pro Jack Reed
ToUCam Pro Joachim Seibert 
D-Link NetEasy NetQam Pro 350 Plus Arthur Edwards
ToUCam Joachim Seibert
D-Link NetQam Rob Johnson
VideoLogic HomeCam Roger Booth
Philips SPC900NC Matthias Meijer
ToUCam pro II Frank Larsen

Alternative circuit diagram Jean-Pierre Bourgeay
Serial Port Control Tony Warners
Serial Port Control Steve Chambers
USB only control Michael Posavec
Ex-Had Surveillance Camera Jon Grove

Please, if you put information onto the web regarding the modification of a camera and would be prepared to have your site listed here, drop me an e-mail

Before you start please read this page!!!!

(after many months troubleshooting numerous malfunctioning cameras by email, its now taking up too much time. If your mod doesn’t work please DO NOT email me!!! However the folks on the QCUIAG Yahoo group may well be able to help. Thanks)

For specific questions or background information have a look in the QCUIAG archives at  

Alternatively if you are looking for a cooled 16 bit camera with very low read noise you might like to take a look at the Atik web site.




Polo's image of M42 taken with a modified webcam.



The Poor Meadow Dyke Galleries are now open.  




See the full range of Atik cooled CCD cameras for astronomy on the Atik Website


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